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i think i win best snapchat story, where’s ma globe at

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Here are some head shots I took recently of some of the Riverdance cast members. I really enjoyed shooting everyone and it is something I would look further into in the near future! You can go onto the Riverdance website to check out the new photos of our current cast for the UK Tour.

All photos belong to me.

Copyright Gianna.Petracic

Stunning photographs!

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Fun things on my toes that scare other people are my favorite

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Anonymous asked: does your heart really beat a jig? or would you say its more of a reel...? perhaps downfall 109? and if it is a jig what kind of jig you gotta be specific of people might think you mean treble jig. that would be a disaster



Clearly you folks don’t know me at all. My heart has three chambers. One for deoxygenated blood, one for oxygenated blood, and a third called the compassion chamber. This compassion chamber has its own rhythm, specifically a light jig - speed 115.

I’m surprised it doesn’t beat a snare drum to downfall 109





Planxty Davies without music.

I am crying at those toe spinny things

You are so good 😍

I can hear the music

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Was #Worlds really only six months ago? #tbt #throwbackthursday #irishdance #worldchampion #Oireachtas2014 #montreal2015 (at London, England)


Was #Worlds really only six months ago? #tbt #throwbackthursday #irishdance #worldchampion #Oireachtas2014 #montreal2015 (at London, England)

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